Top South Indian Bridal Hairstyles 2018

These days when it comes to the wedding days then brides always give their first and foremost attention to the bridal dress, jewellery and hairstyle for sure! Many times it do happen that most of the Pakistani brides adopt the hairstyle trends of Indian brides that are much filled with the elegance and graceful images. Here we will going to talk about the latest and fastest rising trend of South Indian bridal hairstyles that is getting quite common and popular these days. Below we will going to have a quick look at some incredibly splendid and best looking South Indian bridal hairstyles!

Stylish And Famous South Indian Bridal Hairstyles:

1. Lovely Simple Braid Hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

On the first we will go to discuss about the simple but unique looking braid hairstyle for the women. This is the best hairstyle that can add the women whole image with the elegance. In order to add this hairstyle with extra trendiness you can even find with some strands of jasmine so that you can conceal the knot from where the braid would originate out. This has been known out to be one of the best of the south Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair. Don’t forget to choose it for your wedding day!

2. Trendy Mid Parting and Back Pleats Hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

If you want to try with this hairstyle on your main wedding day then you firstly have to section the hair in the middle at the crown. The ‘Maangtika’ which you will be using will going to be made to sit on the parting with a tight teasing of the hair just over at the back from where the pleated section would start off. You can make the use of some beautiful flowers to add the hairstyle with the regal touch. It is simply exceptional looking! Isn’t it?

3. Elegant Back Bun Hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

This is another one of the stylish South Indian bridal hairstyle which you can even try for the parties and casual functions. In this hairstyle you would require with some fake hair accessories so that you can add your hairs with extra volume. Are you ready to try with this hairstyle?

4. Unique Retro Style With Pleats

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Have you ever try with the retro style South Indian hairstyle? If you want to try with this hairstyle then you have to style your hairs with bouffant so that you can add it with some volume. As you are done with it then you have to braid up the remaining hairs. If you have short hair length then you can use hair extensions. So do you want to try this look?

5. Beautiful Bun Hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

This hairstyle is not just fashionable looking but even traditionally stylish as well. This hairstyle is generally worn up at the nape of the neck. You have to make a teased back bun but make sure that its not too much at the top. You can make the hairstyle much more beautiful by adding the front of the head with a nice hair accessory which is in line with a ‘Maangtika’. Dont you find it a perfect hairstyle for making your wedding look catchier?

6. Stunning Braided Bun Hairstyle With Floral Twist

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

This is simply an attractive hairstyle because it is added with the thrice mixtures of braided, bun and floral. In this hairstyle you can use the flowers with the contrasting shades that will look breath-taking. You can even try with this hairstyle by your own self help.

7. Lovely Crowned Hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

In this hairstyle you will definitely going to feel yourself like the princesses. In this hairstyle you will going to place a small crown at the top of the head. You can make the overall look extra striking by using with some bold accessories. Are you ready to make yourself feel like the princesses?

8. Lovely Full Length Floral Look

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

On the last we have the trendy looking full length floral look! This is quite similar to the braided hairstyle that is all set with the covering of the entire length with flowers. A middle parting will going to add up with a rather heavy ‘Maangtika’ that finishes the look. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Well this is all we have ended up with some of the gorgeous looking South Indian bridal hairstyles! There are countless more South Indian hairstyles which you can 100% learn by visiting with the websites of fashion and magazines. Till now we would suggest all the upcoming brides that if they want to make their wedding day special and memorably unique then dont forget to try with the superb South Indian bridal hairstyle on your wedding events! You will love it for sure!


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